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The light and the dark side...



Science and nature documentary

Quirky - Offbeat - Adventures 

Dur.: 64 min.HD
Year: 2012 - 2021

Directed by: Vasja Mihelcic

Starring: Bostjan Dvorak PhD Linguistics

Narrator: Phedoro J. Woods III.

Camera: Vasja Mihelcic, Matjaz Jankovic, Johann- Odin Schmejkal

Scientist is seeking a caterpillar not seen or documented for 500 years. If he can find it he will be able to finish a book he is writing for more than 30 years.  This obsession has changed his entire life. This documentary is showing the complex and intimate life and mind of one scientist life with more than 100 original footage of known and unknown insects and other animal species from the Philippines.

Museum CC

Audiovisual concept development for a museum

Year: 2020

We have finished the first stage in the research and development for a museum. We developed the concept for a commercial metallurgical and chemical museum for our client.


The region has a long history of heavy industry that has shaped the land and its people. With the museum we want to inform the public about the courage, friendship, sacrifice, responsibility and importance industry had and still has in the region and for its people.

Ghost of time

Chronicles of Cinkarna Celje

Format: 4K, 35 min.

Year: 2019

Directed by: Vasja Mihelcic

DoP: Johann-Odinn Schmejkal (2 Raben)

Documentary about retired workers that speak about their sacrifices, friendships, courage that drove their generation at the metallurgical and chemical factory Cinkarna Celje where they worked. Cinkarna Celje was one of the leading industry in the former Yugoslavia and had a strategic importance for the country and region. Cinkarna was founded in 1873.

Cinkarna Celje

Short presentation movie

Format: 4K, 12 min.

Year: 2018

Directed by: Vasja Mihelcic

DoP: Johann-Odinn Schmejkal (2 Raben)

Presentation movie was made to introduce the company to the public and their partners. Cinkarna workers are companies most valued asset without whom the existence of the company would not be possible. With the success of this kind of industry comes the responsibility for the environment and the region...

Moments of happiness

Documentary series

Format: HD/4K, 52 min. 1 episode

Year: 2014

Status: On going project

Inspiring documentary series about individuals that live in Berlin, Germany and found themselves as a part of society that care and wants to start with the changes in our behaviour for good of us all. Music composer and Tango teacher, doctor and a spiritual healer, scientist, mother...

Demon Nighty

Children fantasy series

Format: HD, 15 min. x 38 episodes

Year: 2009 - 2010

Nighty is a friendly demon who travels with witch called Malchy and helps troubled school kids that have problems fitting in to the society. With the help of magical friends and stories witch Malchy reads the kid from a magical book they are transported in to magical fairytale land. There they find the solutions for their problem.

@ Freaks

Sci -fi youth series 25 min. x 30

Year: 2005 - 2007

@ Freaks were experimental educational Sci-fi TV series produced for National TV Slovenia. Three extraterrestrial got a mission to study humans. They disguise themselves as owner of the internet caffe situated in the capital. One female and two males. The female was gorgeous as the males can I say like Stan and Olio, famous actors from the beginning of the previous century. Their mission was to gather the informations from the human species for the intergalactic senate who was deciding if Earth should be repopulate with other species and humans should be terminated.


Afna Friki

Youth educational TV Series

Format: PAL, 10 x 25 min.

Year: 2004

Experimental TV series about two young rebels Eva and Jure who investigate topics that the main stream media didn't want us to know about or were not allowed to cover.  Hidden secrets of new technologies, mysterious individuals and X files....

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