Tennis memorial Boris Breskvar 2018

Producer Vasja Mihelcic attended a tennis memorial Boris Breskvar 2018. Boris Breskvar was a Davis cup coach. In early years he coached and discovered the talents: Boris Becket, Steffi Graf, Anke Huber, Andrei Medvedev…The memorial was held at the tennis academy Breskvar in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 8.12.2018. Academy was founded by Boris and his son Peter in 1992. Vasja Mihelcic is a keen tennis player who is practicing tennis under the supervision of Peter Breskvar and his team. When Vasja is not Directing or Producing he is preparing for a summer season 2019  TVBB club tennis in Berlin 2019 so called nuLiga TVBB

“It was a warm and nice feeling at the memorial to be surrounded with the fans of tennis game showing their respect for Boris Breskvar and his family. I was happy to be a part of it. There is more to be told and said but all in due time…” Vasja Mihelcic. GHETTO TENNIZ.













Photo from left to right: Peter Breskvar (tennis coach, founder of the academy), Vasja Mihelcic (Producer), Gregor Breskvar (tennis coach, son), Blaz Kavcic (Pro – tennis player)