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Corporate/industrial documentaries.

This storytelling is intended for companies and industries with strong vision, leadership, rich historic background that have a strong sense for social and environmental responsibility. This is a HIGH END production suitable for corporate events, theatre screening, film festivals, museum, TV stations, streaming services, archive...This is our specially developed storytelling and production we are very proud of to offer to our clients. For more informations use the contact form. 

Corporate or industrial short movies.

This storytelling is intended for companies and industries that need on point communication for their clients, media and public. It is known as presentation movie or IMAGEMOVIE that appears on corporate internet site and is used on different social media platforms for promotional purposes. Duration of such a movie usually doesn't exceed 3 minutes. For more informations use the contact form. 

Individual presentation

This storytelling is intended for small companies, education, individuals(coaches, therapist, content creators, etc.) , startups or inspiring ideas in development that need our support with low budget. For more informations use the contact form. 

Independent filmmaker workshop

Get in contact with us if you are serious to become or you are struggling as an indy filmmaker. How to make a living, "survival guide" and much, much more. 30+ years as an independent filmmaker we think we have something to share. Fill out our contact form and we will get back to you.

Investment opportunities.

We have several project, genres in research and development. Some of them are in the stage of concepts, synopsis or full project presentation with episodes. Genres: documentary, thriller, fantasy. If you are an investor or altruist seeking to support original content get in contact with us by using our contact form.

AV solutions and assistance.

We offer our clients a diversity of solutions, suggestions, assistance for their projects, events or products. May that be a museum or an important presentation or event. This includes complete service for example: stage, lighting, sound, performance, music, catering, entertaining, press, transfer, script development, personal...

Video and audio editing

Send us your content and we will do the editing for you for your social media channel or other  platforms. We have a diversity of licences programs for all needs and situations: Pro Tools, FCP pro, iZotope, sound effects, Netvideo...For a quote send us informations by using our contact form. 

Old footage and audio restoration

If you have some old footage that needs to be restored or audio send us the material and we will see what we can do with it. Use the contact form to contact us.

Location scouting

There are places where production crews have not yet discover

Give us a call maybe we have what you need. Locations we cover: The Philippines, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Germany.

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