Production of the documentary titled “the Caterpillar man”

We have successfully finished the production of the documentary titled “the Caterpillar man”. We are in postproduction editing the material filmed in 5+ years span in Spain, Germany, Slovenia and in the Philippines. Did we find the caterpillar deep in the unknown rain forests of the Philippines not known to the science community?…you will have to wait for the movie. But one thing is for sure…this is not an ordinary scientific documentary…

I would like to thank the Philippines crew : Dr. Majal Majah Deamor ,  Jayson Rocha, Valentino Trinidad.

Special thanks to the Illustrisimo and Sena family for making us feel as part of the family.

The english version will be finished on the 20.04.2016.
The German version coming soon!
Expected duration 80 min.

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