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My name is Vasja Mihelcic. Im an independent Filmmaker (Author, Producer, Director, AV adviser). With 30+ years in the business I learned to survive in the field and "love" what I do.

Being an independent filmmaker has its good and bad sides. It is not for everyone.

Times have drastically changed. We have many sources where our work can be shown and distributed. I personally pursue and work on original content. Therefore finding the right company or individual to invest in to your project is challenging.

As you are not refereed or had prior affiliation with the companies you are trying to contact, they might not take you serious. So you might to address your inquiry to media, PR departments that answer or do not answer. I have written hundreds if not thousand of letters, Email with the subject TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN to try to reach the right person or department. PR or media departments do not always let you through and you might be rejected. They get many requests of all kind so they just can't accommodate all of us. So how to get through the first door. And even when you get through and you get a name to whom your inquiry was forwarded to you are not closer to where you were when you got an idea.

In times like now I ask myself ”is it worth it„...So much suffering. Who is innocent at the end? What kind of a meaning my work even has. I should entertain? Should I even produce anything. Most of us are guilty bystanders. Most of the companies benefits from the crisis as it is an opportunity. If you have the stomach for it. Progress...AI, crypto, SEC, IMF, Digital money, control, narcissism, lack of craftsmanship, you are with us or against us, youth, outside beauty, man all look the same, woman all look the same...there is just white and black. They think they are original cage fighting animals, fitness freaks with beard and red lipstick and raindrop pearl earrings...Society of to long staring in to a mirror, social media, content creator idiots. Rude, disrespecting, offensive, with false idols, young new generation is hiding behind environmental or other movements that pop up everyday. But the most essential thing behind everything they don't feel. Non of them have any clue what LOVE is. Unconditional LOVE.

What the fuck am I talking about...WHO THE FUCK WANTS TO CREATE ANYTHING AT ALL IN THIS TIMES. AT ALL. We should first stop all the wars. Teach kindness, respect, compassion. The school systems are producing future conflicts and wars. Ignorance is a bliss.

As you see the things as they are.

Over and out.

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