Pepe Imaz – special guest Ghetto TenniZ

We are proud to announce the appearance of Pepe Imaz the tennis coach in the documentary titled “Ghetto TenniZ”. The changes in his life and experiences are of great help to the new generations of tennis players. His work, advices, approach to tennis and life stile in general attracted players like Novak Djokovic that are under enormous pressure and need all the help they can get to stay in shape not only physically but also mentally. As the smallest interference or change in the game can set you off balance to lose or win. To be the best you have to play with your heart and the mind will follow. But as for many things in our life, love is an important spice for our happiness and success in life. Taking short cuts is not the way. Maybe it is not necessary to be the best but to have fun, compassion and to enjoy the time given to us in this shape.