Ghetto TenniZ – mission II.

Does Berlin hide a future No. 1 world ranking tennis player? I bet you it does. With the documentary Ghetto TenniZ we will be looking for that special child that has the talent and personality necessary to become one of the greatest gladiators of the modern time.

Once upon a time, tennis was very popular among the common people in Germany and for that we have to thank Boris Becker that won the Wimbledon with 17 years of age and mesmerised the whole Germany and the world. The protagonists of the documentary are the generation of that time. A very talented group of tennis players with different personalities and stile of play. There is not a day that goes by without mentioning Steffi or Boris days. Yes…” those were the days” they would say when tennis was still played for fun and glory.

There is that small ingredient that is missing and can be found among very active Berliners…