Future Filmmakers Workshop Berlin

In September Future Filmmakers Workshop will be joining us Producer from India Vivek Singhania and Music composer Korey Ireland.

Vasja meet Mr. Singhania at the 2014 Cannes film Festival where they talked about collaborating together on several projects. He recently finished a horror movie titled Hexing. Vivek Singhania is developing many international as well Hindi movies.

Korey Ireland worked with Filmmaker Vasja Mihelcic on his latest project titled “The Chronicles of the Caterpillar man” and are working together on the next project about tennis legends.  Korey had worked in Hollywood prior to moving to Berlin.

Future Filmmakers Workshop is intended for all who are pursuing or want to pursue a highly challenging career in Filmmaking. Beginners, assistants in various fields of filmmaking, students, movie enthusiasts. We will talk about the processes that take place in Filmmaking. On theoretical and practical examples we will present you pros and cons and talk about sometimes inconvenient truth behind Filmmaking. Honest and revealing.

JOIN US ON TWO OCCASIONS: 25.-27.-08.2017 & 22.-24.09.2017

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