Future Filmmakers Workshop focuses on the processes that take place in filmmaking. From the idea to the end product and further. The topics are: Research and development, Pre-production, Production, Post-production, Marketing/Promotion and Distribution. What happens in those stages, who is who, how to communicate, when to move from one stage to another, financial construction, networking...With the guest speakers we will help you better understand the connections between all the stages in filmmaking. On theoretical and practical examples we will present you the pros and cons of the work and reveal sometimes inconvenient truth behind the filmmakers life and work. By having a good overview over the processes that take place in filmmaking the odds will be in your favour. 


Future Filmmakers Workshop is an intensive three day program about the various stages and the processes that take place in filmmaking. It is based on the Producers workshop at the Marche du Film in Cannes. Marche du Film is a part of the Cannes Film Festival that takes place every year in May. It is one of the biggest and most important film festival in the world. Future Filmmakers workshop in Berlin is intended for career seeking individuals, job trainees, students and all that want or are already pursuing a highly challenging and competitive career path in Filmmaking. The strong point of the workshop will be communication, building up credibility and personality. The motto of the filmmakers workshop is "IF YOU CAN DREAM IT YOU CAN MAKE IT".


RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT focuses from idea to paper, genre and budget. How to find one, where to look for one and which genre to choose. Like in a factory process we will bring the idea through development until it can move on to another stage. This is the most important part of filmmaking process as once you choose and write the story it will be stuck with you till the end product or go in to a drawer for the time being.

PRE-PRODUCTION focuses on getting the right kind of people - cast and crew for your project. Who you need in this stage, where to find them, how to approach and communicate. Location scouting, Finding the resources for the production. Getting your project financed is a pain staking process that can take time till the last stage. There are many ways to finance the project. Financing through the stages. EU way, US way, my way...

PRODUCTION focuses on planing and scheduling the production. Good planing is essential as you have limited production days and budget. What kind of planing is involved. Basic requirements for filming exterior and interior scenes. Who is who on the set. Which departments are involved in the production processes. 

POST-PRODUCTION focuses on what kind of processes take place when the hours of video material is edited in to the story, intended duration and visualisation you imagine your movie should look like. Planing and scheduling. Who is who in the process. Formats and delivery. Sound editing and music composing. Technical requirements and preparation before start of film editing. Planing and a good overview over the video material is necessary.

PROMOTION & MARKETING focuses on how to exploit new technology and cross media to reach the intended audience in todays saturated market. What materials you need and what tools to use before and after the official release. Essential people and influencers. The right festival. Networking.

DISTRIBUTION focuses on where to find and how to attache the distributor to your project. How to find the right distributor for your project. How to communicate with distributor. What does a distributor need. Contracts, rights and what is the work of distributor. Film markets.

HOW A WOMAN CAN MAKE IT IN MEDIA focuses on how a woman can make it work in the media sector the fear and how to cope with it. Pragmatic advice for success will be presented by Pauline Mazenod one of the guests of the workshop.



TOPIC: Composing for different genres, storytelling through sound.


Korey works as a composer, teacher, and arts administrator. Korey received a Bachelor of Arts with honours in Music from Williams College and a Master’s in Music Composition with honors from the University of Missouri-Kansas City in 1995. He studied film scoring with Dominic Frontiere, Earle Hagen and Bob Cobert. Mr. Ireland served as staff composer for Wheeler Audio Associates from 1994 until 2004 during which time he created music for commercial clients such as Sprint, Coca-Cola, Nike, Northwest Airlines, Burger King, and CNBC, as well as creating soundtracks for documentaries, short subjects, and two series’ of award winning dramas for Pamplin Entertainment. 

TOPIC: Micro budgeting, Horror production, Exploring Bollywood.


While studying in LONDON, Vivek had directed a short film THE QUEENSWALK LEGEND which was awarded the Gold Seal for Best Picture at the IAC Film Festival in the UK. He decided hereafter to Produce International Cinema alongside Bollywood with an English language film targeted at a global audience - KARMA (2008) which won awards at Greece and Spain and was an official selection in competition at the Shanghai International Film Festival (2009) in CHINA. He went on to coproduce German films INDISCH FUR ANFANGER (2011) and THE BIG BLACK (2011) and also Hollywood film SEAL TEAM SIX: THE RAID ON OSAMA BIN LADEN (2012)  which was produced by Academy Award winning Producer Nicolas Chartier (who also produced the Oscar winner THE HURT LOCKER).

TOPIC: Distribution contracts and rights, Woman in media sector.


Pauline is the founder and CEO of Windrose distribution. Holder of degrees in political science, music, international cultural management and business administration, she has more than 15 years international experience in the cultural, audiovisual and film sector. Its editorial line is cantered on arts & culture (including music, dance, cinema, fine arts, etc.), social issues & current affairs (politics, economy, CSR, sport, etc.), science & history, discovery & ethnology. Windrose’s line-up contains about 350 programs. They got directed by renowned directors such as Jérôme Prieur or Philippe Béziat and produced by high profile production companies such as Cinétévé. Windrose works also at looking for international coproductions and pre-buys for ambitious & high budget projects.

TOPIC: Art versus money in the daily business, advantages and downsides of freelancer work.


Johann-Odin Schmejkal is a Berlin born cameraman. After finishing business management school in 1998 his life took unexpected turn. He started working at Kobalt Konzept GmbH Production company in Berlin as camera assistant. In 2000 he decided to go on his own as a  freelance cameraman and lighting assistant for television productions. After lots of patience he founded in 2006 2 Raben visual company with his friend. He worked on several documentaries, reality shows, series, image movies for TV: RTL, "Ich bin ein Star - Holt mich hier raus", Pro7, "Voice of Germany", Arte, "Flucht nach Europa. Der Winter", ZWISCHEN KARMA UND KOMA - Mit dem Rucksack durch Kambodscha and many more. 

TOPIC: Host and moderator of the program


Vasja Mihelcic is a Slovenian born Filmmaker. He started as a runner when he was just 16 years old in the family based production company MICOM. Later on in his career he produced, directed and wrote several TV series, documentaries for National Broadcaster and international market. He moved to Berlin in 2011 and founded in between media® in 2013.  At the moment he is in production of the extended version of the Caterpillar man for theatrical release and in pre-production of a biographical documentary. He directed over 100 different TV movies, series ranging from sci-fi, fantasy and documentary genres. He is the host and the moderator of the workshop. 



Till 25.02.2018
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Groups have 10% discount
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Trendelenburgstraße 15, 14057 Berlin. 2 min. walk from the bus station Kuno-Fischer-St. Wheelchair access, free parking place.


Four day workshop will be scheduled after the Berlinale 2018. FFW will happen in end of May. We will have informational days so you can meet and speak with filmmaker Vasja Mihelcic who will present you the program.


You have to be 18 years old and speak and read in English to participate. The payment of the Future Filmmakers Workshop is made when the minimum participants is reached. You will then receive the invoice. After payment you will receive the badge and further instruction. There is a limited amount of space available.


Workshop will be in April 2018 the precise date to be determined after Berlinale 2018. After registering for the workshop we will contact you to schedule an informational meeting. For additional informations please use our contact form.
Discount on groups can apply.

By using the registration form you agree to participate in the chosen course. You will receive a confirmation of your participation via Email with payment instructions(Invoice).  The workshop scripts and narration is in english. Booking of the workshops works on first come first serve basis. If you have any further questions before applying we are at your disposal. Just use the standard CONTACT form.

Vasja Mihelcic in Cannes 2014 presenting his projects.

MEET YOUR HOST Director - Vasja Mihelcic in person or via Skype from Mon.-Fri. from 9h-13h. Just book a meeting by using contact form.



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