Down under Berlin Film Festival

I was invited by Karl Hillbrick the head of sales of Lingual Consultancy and the sponsor of the Down Under Berlin, Australian & New Zealand Film Festival to attend the opening night with the screening of the Jasper Jones feature by Rachel Perkins an award winning director. Adults world is a complete mess so who do you call for help…not the GHOSTBUSTERS, but your growing up child just hitting the teenager age. Todays kids are smarter, stronger and have to carry responsibility that they should not yet have. Adults behaving like teenagers and children behaving like adults. There are many hidden details and messages in the movie so go to see the Jasper Jones.

I missed at the event some good down under beer. Karl told me, he knows where to find it. Karl, if you read this I await your call and we can combine business with pleasure maybe if not in Berlin than at MIPCOM.













(Photo: Vasja Mihelcic – Producer/Director, founder of in between media® Berlin, Chairmaine Gordon – CO-director of the festival, Karl Hillbrick – Head of sales of Lingual Consultancy and sponsor of the Down Under Berlin, Dat.: 13.09.2017)