behind the scene of Cinkarna new movie


After the opening of the south railway road in the Austrian - Hungarian monarchy from Vienna to Trieste in 1857 that passed through most of the Slovenian territory, began the industrialisation of the land. Celje valley was one of the first to take advantage of this opportunity for regional development and industrialisation. In 1873 thelocal authority of town of Celje wrote a letter to the Austro -Hungarian monarchy to construct a Cinkarna factory near the town Celje.

Cinkarna Celje a metallurgical and chemical industry is a like a small city. It is where more then 900 people from chemical, metallurgical, IT, economical, engineering, electro and other fields work. It covers around 110 acres.

The main activity of the group is the production of titaniumdioxide or white pigment.


Cuprablau Z one of the product of Cinkarna in action. Unit of Chemistry Celje. DOP - Johann Odin Schmejkal trying to catch the perfect moment in movement.


Various footage of the region and land that support the movie. We see the town Celje and the valley. On the location scouting in the region we found many very interesting spots for future endeavour.


Group footage of the unit of maintenance and energetics. All the group footage was made the same. From high positioned camera. Gathering the personal was not an easy task. It was a very time consuming work that our Production coordinator Tina Vizovisek executed perfectly.



View from the support location. DOP and Sound technician.


Hand ball team Zlatorog Celje. We attended their training. They were the winners of the Champions League in the 2003–04 season, becoming European club champions. Cinkarna is their sponsor.


Some reenactments of the times long gone...Spela - make up artist preparing actor Izok Jereb to play Albert Brunner. He was tasked of build the factory in 1873.



After the train from the 1900 broke down that was anticipate for a scene of the history the Slovenian railways  offer to land a hand. We use one of the wagons from that time to support the narration.


Director, DOP, Sound technician/assistant. They look happy as the successfully finished a very complicated production day.



Marketing department at their new not yet finished building. We had a great day...Sun is what we needed and in postproduction we hide some of not so nice background.


Day one team. The main team. After we finished the filming with the board members and CEO.




Thats the ending...It was a nice and great experience. Also for the team that first time visited Slovenia.

We made it...Opening of the exhibition of the 145 years of Cinkarna at Museum of recent history Celje.

Opening of the exhibition of the 145 years of existence of Cinkarna on 10.09.2018.


German team:

Vasja Mihelcic - Producer/director

Johann-Odin Schmejkal - DOP

Florian Zettel - Sound/assistant

Woods J. Phedoro - English narration

Dr. Bostjan Dvorak - Translation

Slovenian team:

Iztok Jereb - Actor

Bernard Perme - cameraman

Ziga Ropret - Assistant

Boris Orehek - Lights

Tina Vizovisek - Production coordinator for Slovenia

Tomislav Zajc - Graphic and animation

Spela Busic - Make up artist

Production: in between media® Berlin 2018

Special thanks to Slovenian Railways for their support.