in between media Berlin® was founded in 2013 by Vasja Mihelcic a Filmmaker from Slovenia. We produce original stories for TV, VOD and cinema. Our preferred genres are fantasy, Sci-fi, and environmental, biographical documentaries about interesting individuals. With more than 20+ years of experience we still feel like we just started.

Vasja Mihelcic ended up unexpectedly in Berlin... but let's start when he was in the age of around seven years, standing on the big stage of the ice hall in one of the most beautiful towns in the world - Bled - Slovenia. Here he was singing live in front of around 5.000 people at the children's festival. On his right side there was the big band and the Maestro Mojmir Sepe, that lead him from the beginning to the end perfectly. He was focused on the text and his signs. If you watched Vasja closely enough you could see him moving like the "mountain".

His singing carrier lasted for seven years and he was quite good but he had another passion. In between regular school, music school and music career Vasja found another great way to spend his time. Vasja was sneaking in to the studios of the national TV Slovenia to observe the making-of of his favourite children TV series.

It all started in 1993, with the age of 16 he started to work as a runner on the TV & Film sets at the family run MICOM Film and TV Production and National TV Slovenia. His training went on for 5 years. He got to know who is who in the filmmaking process and worked his way up. After training he worked as a Project manager and coordinator on several TV series.

Later on he found himself best as a Producer, Author, Director and Film editor. He likes physically demanding and challenging projects with locations that are hard to reach and to film. That kind of filming adds additional thrill, suspense, realism and originality to the individual story. He directed, wrote and produced more than 100 different episodes for TV series, documentaries, corporate movies for TV and other media. So...thats Vasja Mihelcic in short.