Producer . Director . Founder

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in between media® Berlin was founded in 2012 by Vasja Mihelcic a Filmmaker from Slovenia. IBMB produce original stories for TV, VOD, streaming services, internet and other media. Our preferred genres are fantasy, Sci-fi, and documentaries about interesting individuals. IBMB was founded with the goal to combine creative individual talents from all fields of art to offer to the market original and bold audiovisual solutions. 

Vasja started his career in 1993. Working as a runner on the TV & Film sets at the family run Film and TV production company went on for 5 years. He got to know who is who in the filmmaking process and worked his way up.

After training Vasja worked as a Project manager and coordinator on several TV series.

Later on he found himself best as a Producer, Author and Director on different projects. He likes physically demanding and challenging projects with locations that are hard to reach and to film. That kind of filming adds additional thrill, suspense, realism and originality to the individual story. He directed, wrote and produced more than 100 different episodes for TV, that include documentaries, youth TV series, children fantasy series, corporate movies and other audiovisual content. 

In 2010 he moved to Berlin.



Visual artist

Dea Dzankovic is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Belgrade, Serbia. She spent the last three years living between Belgrade, Berlin and Istanbul. She obtained a MA in visual arts at Sabanci university in Istanbul, interned for the In between media production house in Berlin, published academic papers in London and is currently involved in media, music and writing projects in Belgrade. 

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Production coordinator

Tina Vizovisek has been working with Vasja for over 20 years. She worked for National TV Slovenia and other production companies as Production secretary, Director assistant, script supervisor, and production coordinator.

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Music composer

Korey is a professional music composer with Hollywood experiences. He is veteran in music production in Film, TV and other media. He is responsible for the "sounds" you hear in our projects.

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Narrator, english translations

A deep and smooth voice comes from our American - english spoken language narrated projects. Woods is a mix of Samuel L. Jackson and Morgan Freeman voice that gives our project some originality in narration of a story for a specific market.