The Chronicles of the Caterpillar man

A troubled scientist from Berlin is seeking a caterpillar not known or documented for more than 500 years. But is it a caterpillar he is really looking for?

Genre: documentary
Directed by: Vasja Mihelcic
Language: ENG
Dur.: 52 min.
Distribution: World Sales WINDROSE
Production: in between media® Berlin 2016


Caterpillars are studied around the world because of their unique abilities. When pupated(cocoon) in the chrysalis stage they can endure harsh environmental condition like fire, cold and can stay pupated for decades before hatching as a moth or butterfly. Their cocoons are also incredible hard to crush. For defence they implement mimicry and mimesis. Mimicry is ability to become invisible and mimesis is ability to imitate other animals to scare of birds and other animals of eating them.  They are usually toxic because they feed of poisonous leaves. Caterpillars are known as pests but there are no real pests in nature. The moths and butterflies that develop from them pollinate plants they feed on as caterpillars.